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Monday, October 16, 2006

Welcome to the Nuclear Club!!!

Welcome to this new hip club. Feel free to join in, you just have to have nuclear bombs or technology. We have different groups so you feel comfortable.

If you are big and western, then you join the group of "i have them in the name of peace".

If you are shy, no problem, you join the group "we are only developing nuclear for civil purposes". To join this last group is easy, gather some nuclear scientist, buy uranium in international market and say to the world that you are not developing a nuclear bomb but if you wanted you could.

If none of this groups interested you then you have the "i just have a nuclear bomb to defend myself".

Come and join now, we are an expanding club and in a near future you can even have the possibility of using one in a coming new war.

Note: if you join the last two groups financial and arms sanctions are part of the package...

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