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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Nobel Price

Congratulations To Orhan Pamuk for wining this year Nobel Prize for Literature.

Quoting Article written By Sarah Edmonds and Niklas Pollard from Reuters (complete article)

"STOCKHOLM, Oct 12 (Reuters) - Turkey's best-known novelist Orhan Pamuk, who faced trial this year for insulting his country, won the 2006 Nobel prize for Literature on Thursday in a decision some critics called politically charged.

"I am very glad and honoured. I am very pleased," the Turkish writer told Sweden's Svenska Dagbladet newspaper when asked how he felt about winning the 10 million Swedish crown prize. "I will try to recover from this shock."

The Swedish Academy declared Pamuk the winner on a day when, to Turkey's fury, the French lower house of parliament approved a bill making it a crime to deny the Armenian genocide.

In a what was seen as a test case for freedom of speech in Turkey, Pamuk was tried for insulting "Turkishness" after telling a Swiss paper last year that 1 million Armenians had died in Turkey during World War One and 30,000 Kurds had perished in recent decades.

Though the court dismissed the charges on a technicality, other writers and journalists are still being prosecuted under the article and can face a jail sentence of up to three years. (...)"

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Eda said...

My all-time-favorite writer! Congradulations, Pamuk. You surely deserved it!