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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Arabic bloggers

From a dutch newspaper:
In some countries bloggers are overheard or even arrested.In the article it is stated that in 2003 in Iran the first blogger gets arrested, other bloggers came in action to get him(journalist Sina Matlabi) released.2005 Bahrein owner ( Ali Abdulemam) of Bahreinonline.com gets arrested.In the summer of 2006 the Egyptian blogger Alaa Seif gets arrested and spents 45 days in jail.
In Arabic bloggers there are noticable many women that speak for womensrights/female liberation.
Popular Arabic blogs:Egypt:Http://www.manalaa.net/ (weblog of Alaa Seif)
Saudi-Arabia:Http://eveksa.blogspot.com (saudi-eve)
Irak: Http://riverbendblog.blogspot.com
Libanon: Http://anecdotesfromabananarepublic.blogspot.com
Palestinian arias:Http://www.bethlehemghetto.blogspot.com
Also interested in this context Book: Bagdad Burning from author Riverbend which inspired the stageplay Girl Blog


Stran_ger said...

Actually i would like to know wha can we do to change those situations? Open to any suggestions...

Anonymous said...

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