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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Painting the town red, sort of

Patna,India,oct 16-Authrities in eastern India are painting a crime-infested town pink in the hope that an image makeover will lift the sagging morale of residents who are fed up with the decline in law and order, officials said monday (for further info see Reuters)
Maby according to this concept we should all start to wear pink colloured shades, if it looks better maby the world becomes better ;-)


Matt M said...

Hmmm - somehow I think that, as a male, wearing all pink is going to be asking for trouble...

Stran_ger said...

I agree. I don't think that pink is good color for me, it doesn't match my eyes... :-)

Edda said...

Hey, hey! Pink is the color of my summer wardrobe. If that was going to solve any of world's problem I would not mind to dress top-to-toe pink!
And Matt, pink used to be the color of manhood a couple centuries ago. No kidding. :)

Matt M said...

Heh - according to Wikipedia it was an acceptable colour for males until quite recently:

"The color pink is now associated with womanhood, just like blue is associated with boys and manhood. However, in 1918 "Infant's Department" (an industry publication) said the reverse was the "generally accepted rule", describing pink as "more decided and stronger" while blue was "more delicate and dainty". Pink continued to be used for both boys' and girls' clothing through the early 1960s, though it is becoming more and more associated with femininity."

Decided and stronger - they never mentioned that in history class. :)

Still don't think it suits me though.

Moise said...

Sure, when all the troublemakers start acting girlish, crime level will drop :)
And Edda, do have any ref. to back the "pink and manhood" claim??

Edda said...

Of course, I do. Please refer to Michael Kimmel's fantastic work on "Manhood in America" in which Kimmel claims that in the late 19
th century, "the tradition of signalling the child’s gender by the colours of its clothing
arose. The suggestion was that a pale blue colour was perfect to signal the delicacy and
flightiness of little girls, while a fierce red or pink colour would suit the strong and determined
little boys."

Unfortunately in the first decades of the following decades, Kimmel continues, these colours had a sex
change, and pink then came to indicate feminine daintiness and affectation, and blue masculine
strength and straightforwardness. Thus, in this part of the world today, the colour pink is
perceived as ‘feminine’."

Still determined not to dress in pink? Oh, I love men who have the mentality of not minding to dress up in pink!;)