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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Straw branded a 'Christian fascist'

By David Paul, Daily Express

"Muslim demonstrators hurled insults at Jack Straw yesterday, calling him a “Christian fascist” and saying he had “declared war” on the Islamic community.
The Commons leader was jeered by furious protesters as he arrived for a surgery in his Blackburn constituency.
Protected by tight security for his visit to a community centre, Mr Straw, who wants Muslim women to remove the veil in face-to-face contacts, refused to speak to the 70 demonstrators. They included a number of women wearing veils.
Police had earlier banned a planned demonstration by 8,000 Muslims on safety grounds.
The crowd included Tasaddiq Rehman, from the Blackburn Muslim Council, who said: “Jack Straw didn’t really start a debate. He declared war against the Muslim community and then he wants a debate.
“This talk about the veil is another affront to the Muslim community. Jack Straw is a Christian fascist.
“He has actually segregated the community in the name of trying to call for Muslims to integrate.”
A group of women wearing niqab veils chanted: 'The veil is our choice and our liberation. The veil is our freedom.'"


Edda said...

A person whose freedom is not restricted would never wear a veil in order to be free.

I wonder WHO restrict their freedom. In a free country as the UK who restrict these women's freedom by not allowing them to walk on the streets without wearing a veil? Is this protest made against Britain or the ones who keeps them veiled?

Stran_ger said...

I just wonder how a veil can give anybody freedom?

Courtney Hamilton said...

The truth is, Jack Straw is not a fascist - that's just plain silly and by saying that, they have lost the arguement. It's another way of saying 'I must be right because he's a Nazi' - end of story.

As for the veil being about 'liberation' and 'freedom' that again is just being silly as well. The veil is suppose to be religious, not political.

Edda said...

Exactly! It's for this reason why I believe women shoul not be allowed to use it in public institutions, because it's merely political!

jamsodonnnell said...

Most of the time that the expression fascist is thrown about by people who have ho idea what fascism actually is.

Most times when people scream fascsit they might as well be screaming "foru legs good, two legs bad"!

THanks for the invite stran_Ger. I will post something soon.