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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wall of Speech Statement

1) This will be a public blog. Anyone who wants to be a member only has to write a coment stating that he or she wants to be a member or send a email to stran_ger69@hotmail.com.

2) Once they are members they will be able to write any kind of posts that he or she feels like.

3) There will be no limitation to what a member writes.

4) The writer knows that he/she is the only responsible for what harm may happen because of his/hers post.

5) No one will be banned because of what he/she writes, but they are the only responsible for their posts;

6) The topics are free of any limits, you can talk about anything you like (your enemy, your complaint, your way of thinking, advertise, etc...);

7) The respect for any opinion is the only rule.

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