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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Edukators (Die fetten jahre sind vorbei)*

Is the society system that we are living in the best system?

I don’t have a straight answer for this question, but the question itself is becoming stronger. Many people are starting to doubt that this is the best system to resolve our problems. Many issues arouse from this question – poverty, fair trading, world justice, international law, welfare distribution, security, liberty and eventually day-by-day lifestyle.

In my mind it is becoming clearer that a change will happen. We can no longer ignore the inequality in our world or in our own home country. Every 5 seconds a child dies of hunger-related problem while I happily eat my meal, or how many people have to suffer fighting for this simple right that is freedom of speech?. (to be continued…)

[*Note: Taken from a german movie with the same title which inspired this article]


Ewout said...

Its the reason why i am donating to Oxfam.Not that its enough, but they are a strong organisation which tries to open up eyes.For the interested among you, it might be interesting to read Joseph Stiglitz-perverted globalization. About Stiglitz, he worked in IMF and is a economic Nobelprize winner.For me his book was a eye opener, i never expected it to go that deep.If you read it i would gladly hear your remarks.

remiz aden said...

I think that the first question should be "are there any global orders(you name it system)that benefit the whole?".I suppose that all the global orders have been inspired by the old ones,though with divergent actors and rules.The 21th century also doesnt make an exception to this rule.The most powerful-or prima inter pares- decides the rule of the game and divide the whole world into two camps:the ones with or against him. I think each step towards changing this order,first of all discussed between each actor and than peacefully applied with consent of each part.We are all responsible but still there is an opportunity to get things better!

Edda said...

Does perfect society exist? In 1999, I saw on Danish t.v. a Russian guy's search for a perfect society by travelling all around the world. Does anyone know the result of his search? A complete disappointment? Perhaps and most probably. I'm curious.