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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Poverty: what is to be done?

The Conservative press consultant Ellee Seymour, provides a good piece on what poverty is like in her neck of the woods, Norfolk, England.

As to the question of 'what is to be done'? It seems that many on the right in Britain haven't got the faintest idea. I argued that rapid and unprecedented economic growth should do the trick for the worst off in our society.

However, in the comments section, I thought it was rather worrying, that even amongst some Tories', who are normally pro-economic growth - there was a palatable air of disdain about the notion of rapid economic growth - what seems to me to be an obvious answer to poverty.


Ellee said...

Thanks for giving this a plug. Christmas is a time when so many demands, expectations and temptations can cause increased poverty. It's interesting to hear views from all backgrounds and have an open debate. Hopefully, new job opportunities will create opportunities to help improve the lives of people, we do desperately need to offer more support, help, training, education.

Merry Christmas.

Stran_ger said...

The trick question is: how to create a rapid and unprecedented economic growth? And How the wealth created in that period is distributed in the society?