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Monday, December 11, 2006

Middle Classes Tooling up

First Post is reporting that the middle classes are quietly arming themselves with a variety of weaponary easily available on main land europe. A Smith & Wesson being far more effective than an ASBO unquote.

Its hardly surprising, the Police are largely in effective against crime, and where as I once I would have intervened in street disturbances, there is no way that I would contemplate doing so, as the chances of getting stabbed a really quite high, and the probability of getting shot in Bristol is also quite high. CCTV has not reduced crime, merely displaced it to the suburbs.

I feel I am entitled to defend my home and family by whatever means are available, sadly the Law does not agree. If the State is failing to protect the Citizen, the Citizen is entitled to protect himself.


Stran_ger said...

I have to agreed, but not totally. I don't think that people armoring themselves will do any good. It only give a false sense of security and will have the opposite effect: the streets will become for unsafe.

Matt M said...
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Matt M said...

'm pretty sure that in the US you're far more likely to be shot by someone you know than a complete stranger - so I'm not too sure about the pros and cons of letting people own guns.

I'll stick with a blunt object and a dog to help me defend my home.

English Republican said...

Most victims of crime in England are the working class - Who will defend us?

No one, we have to defend ourselves... However the experience in the US shows us that people simply grabbing for guns is probably not the answer.

Eda said...

I am not sure if I agree. The US is a good example of what happens when anyone can get a gun...