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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

WoSie Awards

Another year is about to end. Many events occurred during this year that marked our lifes. In this sense and in conformity with the spirit of this site we created the “WoSie awards”. This is an “open giving” awards which you have a major role.

The categories and respective nominations are completely free, and during this month you can send an email to mywosie2006@hotmail.com with your suggestions or leave here a comment with your proposal of categories, nominations or simply supporting an already created category and/or nominations. Your imagination will be the only limit to this Award.

In December the top 10 categories (and respective nominations) will be presented to voting, after the quality vote of members, and the Winners will be presented on 3 of January 2007.

[See some proposals on comments area]


Stran_ger said...

A Proposal from Stran (inspired in grammys):

Supporting Personality:
Condoleezza Rice (i doubted for a while if she shouldn't be nominated for Lead personality, but this woman is the backbone of Bush politics unfortunnately)
Ayatollah Ali Hoseini-KHAMENEI (also a doubt if should be nominated for lead, this is the man that maintains AHMADI-NEJAD in power as his puppet)
Jose DurĂ£o Barroso (former maoist here it is a person that can support anyone if he has something to gain with that)

Lead Personality:
George W. Bush (mmm, well he is the leader of US and has the spotlights of the world all to himself)
Mahmud AHMADI-NEJAD (constatly appereance on the new, almost as good as Bush in saying nonsense)
Kim Jong-il (almost didn't make this nomination, but his nuclear tests grant him this spot)

"Made For Television" event:
Hugo Chavez's U.N. Speech (well it was a "must see" show)
Iraqui War (no comments)

Comedy event:
Hugo Chavez's U.N. Speech (one man show, he almost reach perfection)
Any Bush Speech (this man has it all, no need to comment)

Drama Event:
Sudan Massacre (this is the serious part of this awards, i couldn't believe the first time i heard the news, it is a true tragedy);
Invasion of Lebanoon (So many lifes taken in this invasion without any reason)

Stran_ger said...

A proposal From Mitchel:

Best Potential President NOT Running -
Jon Stewart
Bill Mahr
Steve Martin
Steven Colbert
Colin Powell
keith olbermann
other ideas?

Biggest embarasment to the republican party
Bill o'riely
mark foley
rick santorum
george bush
anne coulter
(this could be a long list)

biggest embarasment to the democratic party
joseph lieberman
michael moore
(others? . . .)

Eda said...

Best Freedom of Speech Fighter: Anna Politkovskaya. Thinking of 13 journalists that was killed since Putin came to power in 2000, I believe Putin deserves an award too: The Cowardest Leader!