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Friday, November 17, 2006

A simple story

Palmdale, California - USA. The day was April 12, 2005. A person lost his life. Another also lost his life, not physical but social. The full story is here.

What strokes me was how can a society condemned 13 years old Greg Harris Jr. to a 12 years of confinement in a youth detention centre. I know that a kid died because of his actions, but what does a society gain with this sentence?

Nothing done will bring back to life that person, and nothing good will be achieved with this sentence. So why? It was the question that yesterday was in my mind and didn’t go away. It was a tragic event, but not rational, not like the sentence. This sentence will kill this kid life. He will spend as much time inside as outside of the youth detention centre. His values will be gain in that youth centre, not the best place to grow, I think.
One question pops up: “Who condemns the condemner?”

And if you read the story I ask I many of you where close to be in Greg’s shoes? Do you feel like a criminal and that you should be locked away? Sometime it was only luck that separated us from Greg. The luck that we had that this little kid didn’t have.

Final note: His appeal just started. I sincerely hope that the sentence will change.


Eda said...

The story left me with perplexed thoughts. I can put myself into everyone's shoes in this story. The American society today gets more and more violent each passing day. Do you really believe this kid is a scapegoat of the society?

Stran_ger said...

I think that in this case they just wanted to see a criminal in a boy's body. They didn't thought what they were condeming him to be in the future. It is almost ironical, they setence this kid in order to prevent future crimes but they end up creating a future crimminal.
I really think that the setence was too arsh.