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Monday, November 27, 2006

Slavery: reparations for today's blacks is immoral

The issue of reparations for descendants of slaves, is on top of this weeks British political agenda - but, it's still not entirely self-evident as to why the British state should have to pay monies to today's blacks, for a system that was abolished long, long before any of our parents were even born (let alone my generation).

If anything, the very idea of reparation for today's black Briton’s is in the first instance, a diabolical insult. The assumption underlying reparation is that slavery still shackles the feet of today's black Briton's - this notion is rubbish. What I find most objectionable, is the fact that it's millionaire black American lawyers who are the driving force behind all much of this foolish talk.

Besides, Britain cannot seriously afford to entertain ideas about shelling out tonnes of cash to all who demand compensation for things that happened in the distant past - because, it would be only a matter of time before the descendents of Chinese opium dealers come banging on British court doors demanding millions in compensation. Followed closely behind by the Boston tea merchants, and why not South African Boer farmers?

Multi-million pound payout will not heal any division there may be in our society, but it will surely succeed in incensing a whole generation of white Briton's who could rightfully argue that all this nonsense 'is not fair'.


Stran_ger said...

For me it makes no sense what they are defending. To maintain in conformity with what they defend, those American lawyers should also defend that the same to native american indians.
If they win they open up a very dangerous precedent since you will be able to ask for reparation for something that happen 1000 years before, and that is a lot of time, i am sure that anybody can find something.
Besides that i think that this all idea is quite racist by itself.

Courtney Hamilton said...

Your right stran about those American lawyers, but the thing is, they did win their case for native red Indians. That is way lawyers are looking for reparations for decendents of slaves today.

Again your right, why fight for justice for decendents of slaves? We all know that nearly all of our ancestors who lived over 200 year ago had a terrible time, but that doesn't mean that our society should pay compensation to their decendents now. All in the name of 'healing' social divisions today. That's not what I would call justice.

Edda said...

I would be very happy to call them Africans rather than "Blacks"...

Courtney Hamilton said...

"I would be very happy to call them Africans rather than "Blacks"..."

Why Edda?