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Friday, October 12, 2007

Something to think about it…

When I was younger I would always look forward to the future. My main Idea was that in future we would be in power and so all the injustice that we felt those days would end. It was as simple as this: once we reach the years to make decisions (political, economical and social decisions) would change because we would do the right decision.

Well reality is now different and no revolution came, little changes happened but nothing worth enough to be proud. Well a pessimistic would say: “That is life!” but my eternal positive view of the world does not allow me to support that view.

For now I only would like to know this:

If you had a chance what would you change in this life?

Well just something to think about the weekend …

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Elisabeth said...

Only small things - I'm not one for the grand gestures.

I'd chat to that guy I saw on the train, I'd have brought that coat in the sale, I'd have been honest to my flatmate about breaking her mug, I'd have applied for the jobs I thought I'd never get.

Wow - really makes you think, doesn't it.

Maybe it's not too late to make changes, huh?

Sorry if I misinterpreted the question (I do that sometimes!) but I do have a lot to think about now!

Stran_ger said...

Loved your comment.

There is no misunderstanding, it is really to write whatever comes into your mind, without guidelines...