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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

One Year - Many Lessons

It is been one year since this Project started, and many lesson were learn. This are a few:

1-No matter which country you come from, you find great people that are very helpful and with strong opinions that should be read;
In the beginning, when I started this project I had no idea how to create a blog. In the process I found many people that help in terms of articles, ideas, design, etc… People that don’t know my real name, where I come from, or what were my ideals, but that immediately started to help. For all of them a Big Thank You, and an even bigger apologize the last semester…

2-In one year this blog passed all the life cycle that is possible: birth, growth and death;
I found that Life is quick and also in terms of blogs. Around April I had a writers block and that was the beginning of the end of my articles. I also found that just writing an opinion it is not enough to keep it going. That lesson will be the moto of this new year of WoS. I will put my efforts on Direct Speech, and to create new sections that are innovative and more interactive with society worldwide. I will also try to bring more people from around the world to participate in this project. Of course the main purpose will continue, to build a space for free speech.

3-You can never tell that a blog is dead until it is deleted!
More than a lesson this is my wish for next year…


Matt M said...

Hi Stran_ger,

Nice to see some activity around here. I'm sorry my involvement tailed off - this place just seemed to become more and more inactive, and then I started having issues with my own blog.

Unfortunately, I don't see myself returning to proper blogging (beyond the occasional picture or light comment) any time soon. But I wish you the best of luck in getting this place back up and running again.

Stran_ger said...

Hi Matt,

First of all you do not need to apologize for nothing. I went through some problems in terms of writing and had no idea to continue.

Well I hope that The everything will go well with you and your blog and whenever you feel like writing you will always have a space around here.

Thank you for your kind words, I hope that I leraned the lessons well to not making the same mistakes again.

All the best and hope you will like the work that will be done here, after all it is your space too.

bob said...

Happy birthday!

bob said...

And happy deathday too, I guess.

Stran_ger said...

Thank you very much, Bob!
Loved the notion of deathday (lol)

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