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Wednesday, September 09, 2009


They are already inside our country. And it is a dangerous enemy, almost invisible to us. They can be inside our neighbor, at church, basically everywhere you go…

Also they know no mercy, they spare no one… Little by little, they make many victims. They kill pregnant women, children, and old men!

It is a war that we are losing every day, every minute!!! And the government? Well they don’t do anything! They just sit back and relax. Our country isn’t safe and they don’t want to spend one dollar!!!

The name of the enemy: virus; bacteria, etc; Their group: Health Problems!!!

P.S. I want to thank the kind words of Rednex_X and all the others. Because of this I decided once again to start writing … Hope that this time I won’t stop it… And also I hope you find the patience to read me...


Anonymous said...

What you said is true but at least we have a public health system...as you know in some countries, the creation of a public health system is viewed as an invasion...an invasion into the profits made by insurance companies, who find it convenient to only insure healthy people and ignore the sick unemployed ones.

daniel said...

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