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Monday, April 02, 2007

EU slams United States, Australia on climate change

By Jeff Mason at Reuters

"BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union accused the United States and Australia on Monday of hampering international efforts to tackle climate change.

"We expect ... the United States to cooperate closer and not to continue having a negative attitude in international negotiations," Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas told delegates at a United Nations-sponsored meeting to review a report on the regional effects of rising global temperatures.

"It is absolutely necessary that they move because otherwise other countries, especially the developing countries, do not have any reason to move," he said. (...)"


Stran_ger said...

It was about time to do this!

Kathryn said...

America is notorious about holding out on global warming issues...look at the Kyoto Protocol. It's a selfish attitude that benefits the country in the short term whilst leaving devastation for future generations everywhere, not just the US.

Stran_ger said...

I agree 100% with you!

james higham said...

Yeah but the EU has its own agenda, don't forget.

Anonymous said...

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