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Friday, January 12, 2007

London Eye

Having spent my first week in London (my debut experience in an Anglo-Saxon country), I had one of my best experiences in a foreigner country. And it was an experience that I won’t forget. The multi racial city that is London, the environment of freedom and sympathy of the people were overwhelming.

It was really good to feel this experience of (in my opinion) a true multi-cultural city, where more then pointing out the differences I felt that it only matter the human being for itself.

I don’t know if London is unique or if I only saw the best of the city and citizens. In a world where people judge easily others cultures I have to admit (and probably I am making the same mistake) that it is difficult to be in a city where freedom is more respected. And being this site about freedom (freedom of speech), I had to start my first post of 2007 with this little reference to this city.

1 comment:

Edda said...

New York is another example. One of the few cities where anyone can feel "home" :)